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About Us

“Quality is No Coincidence, But The Result of Commitment and Experience”

To know one’s taste, just visit his/her bathroom. Throughout the day, it is where you refresh yourself, and is also where you can truly relax. For individuals who reward themselves with pleasure and enjoyment in life, how would it be possible for them to neglect such an important place?
As a brand that aims to provide a life with enjoyment and grace, AJANTA dedicate itself for those who prioritize the pleasure in life.
Enjoy your life, and pursue a lifestyle with taste. Luxurious, mysterious, stylish, or even futuristic… Whatever it is, you are guaranteed to find the one you like from the various products that AJANTA has to offer.
Enjoy your life, and pursue your own pleasure. With 35 year glorious history of striving for perfection, AJANTA is confident in providing you with a bathing experience beyond compare.
Enjoy your life, and pursue a greener future. Those who enjoy a tasteful way of life can also the be ones who care for the environment. With our energy-efficient, water-saving and lead-free products, AJANTA provides you with an eco-friendly solution. You know your life and AJANTA knows you.

Enjoy your life with AJANTA !

Technology and R&D

All our products are designed and manufactured in-house thus ensuring strict quality control and maintaining the consistency of its product.


The preparation of products using automatic controlled systems reduces tedium and concentrates the expertise of the employees on the complex aspects


While complying with the most constraining environmental standards, we achieve to finish our products according to the desires of our customers by using the three layer electroplating technique thus increasing longevity and providing superior finish.


“Experience water” is the philosophy we stand for.Water is the constant focus at Ajanta as we strive to combine the source with the future.
We endeavor to take the properties of water that people value and apply these to our products in the spirit of innovation.
“Experience water” is therefore the essence of our brand-it is our pledge to you.